Answer for question 4182.

Do you believe in ghosts? Have you ever experienced something you couldn't explain?
Rather than ghost i believe in spirit or existence that live in other dimension, such as genie (not the one in the bottle/lamp), angel and devil. Its similar yet different.

Writer's Block: Be Gone

What celebrity or other public figure would you be perfectly happy to never see or hear anything about ever again in your lifetime? Why do they annoy you so much?

the news just.... gossip, their socialite live etc etc....

I dont watch any celebrity gossip anyway, because i dont want to see neither hear any useless news. better watch anime anyway

Writer's Block: Check It Out

What's the worst case of "buyer's remorse" you've ever had? What were you hoping to get out of your purchase but didn't?
Ghibli anime movie Dvd, my first experience on online shopping yet.... The one i order and the one i got is .... let said make me want to cried for whole day?... i wouldn't order from that shop anymore. I never shopping online for the second time... yet

Writer's Block: Karaoke Time

Name five songs to which you know all the lyrics. (Better yet, sing them.)
1.Lazy song by Bruno mars
    (I'm lazy bun... and this song just catch my feeling)
2. Panggung sandiwara by Nike Ardila
    A very old song that i got attached wheni was in 3rd grade. Listen to it 2 times and remember it and sing it till today..
3. Balonku ada 5 by .... i don't know who the one singing this playgroup sacred song.
    If there is someone that had been in playgroup in Indonesia, can sing and hearing and don't know this song... you could said she is crazy or just a liar.
4. never too late by three day grace
    I'm using this song when writing my first longest detective series fanfiction for detective conan.... it just nailed into my head. Whenever i did a mistake or mistakes, this song just echoed by itself.
5. any dangdut song...
    I dont hate dangdut, yet i dislike most of it. But no matter what the radio station next door just aired it 15hour a day and my brother turn it on. geezzz.... if you listen the same song million times, y9ou just gonna sing it even if you hate it, especally when u want to kill someone